72W Max Wattage

10 Pack 10mm 4 Pin LED light strip connector can support 72w light strip. Fit for LED Strip SMD 5050 RGB

Installation Instructions:

1. Ensure your section of LED light strip has four contacts (+ and G.R.B). And it is waterproof type (silicone or PU on the surface of the strip). Remove and clean the tape on the backside of the LED strip around the area of the 4 copper contacts.

2. Open the white clasp of the connector.

3. Insert the LED light strip into the clasp, make sure to match the + and - on the strip to the + and - on the clasp.

4. Adjust the contact point, make sure the 4 pins in the connector can totally penetrate the 4 copper contacts on the LED strip.

5. Close the clasp. Gently pull on the LED light strip to confirm you've made a solid connection.

6. Your connection is made!


Technical Specifications:

Connector Size : 15*15*8 mm

Metal Material: Copper/Surface

Treatment: Tin

Plastic Material: NyLon66 UL94V-0

Applicability: PCB Board



Applicable Specifications: 60/30leds per meter SMD5050 RGB waterproof strip

Working Voltage: DC12-24V

Working Current: 4A

Working Ambient Temperature: -20℃~ +50℃

Package Content:

10 pcs 4 Pin connectors for 10mm wide Waterproof RGB 5050 LED strip

LED Strip Solderless Connector Adaptor for 10mm Wide 5050 RGB Waterproof Led Str

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