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The Wireless Convenience of Horde Prop and Wagon Controllers

The Wireless Convenience of Horde Prop and Wagon Controllers – Easy, Fast, and Reliable

Got a haunt, Christmas, or any other attraction? If so, you must be well-aware of the value of a good ol’ animated prop. It’s what separates an ordinary bland experience from a memorable one—and people don’t sign up for attraction to see ‘ordinary’.

The more graphically realistic and life-like an animatronic is, the better. But while animated props can undoubtedly add so much to an attraction, they can be a headache to deal with. More specifically, programming prop controllers has long been a torturous itch to scratch.

Well, up until Blood Moon Technologies came howling with the Horde Prop Controller and Horde Wagon Controllers. These controllers remove the physical and technical hassle of designing and maintaining props in your attraction by tapping into some precise engineering and wireless technology.

Read on to learn how the Horde Control Network might be your heaven-sent solution for a seamless haunt experience.

Challenges with Traditional/Conventional Prop Controllers

Some of the best haunted wagons, haunted houses, and attractions typically feature jaw-dropping animatronics and special effects. While they’re amazing to look at and experience, setting them up is a whole ‘nother gremlin. Attraction owners and staff working behind the scenes to make everything possible don’t usually have it easy.

Here are some common challenges:

It’s Risky Business

Got a prop dangling high up on a tree or any other elevated spot? Clawing your way up to manually program it is a cumbersome exercise. And if you have a phobia for heights, a regular maintenance task can quickly turn into the stuff of nightmares—even more so that the ghoulish props and effects in your haunt attraction.

We won’t even go into the details of trying to reprogram a prop designed to lurk in thorny thickets or a monster wading in the swampy land. Manually programming props—especially the more elaborate ones in hard-to-reach places—is one of those tasks that leave you feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Got Programming Chops?

Even if you’re a bonafide tech enthusiast, programming languages and modules are the last things you want to deal with when setting up a haunt or attraction. There’s a lot of hair pulling, sighs, and gurgling of coffee, especially for the more elaborate setups. It’s a mentally draining experience.

In addition to the technical skills, programming controllers often demands expensive equipment. And if you don’t have the skillset for programming, you may have to hire someone who does—which is also not friendly for your wallet.

An Arduous Task

Risks and complexity aside, programming traditional or conventional prop controllers is a back-breaking, onerous, and exhausting task.

Think about it: You have a haunt with nightmarish ghouls, sinister witches, headless horsemen, rotting zombies, hair-raising werewolves, and other harrowing creatures that go bump in the night. Following an adjustment in the scenes, you have to reprogram all your animatronics. Now what? The very thought of walking around to each of the controllers to program them is mentally exhaustive—let alone the actual work.

But what if you could simply program and sync ‘em up in one well-designed network; a horde, if you may—all while lounging on a chair with your phone in hand?

Solution? Join the Horde!

When it comes to the scare business, few things rack up screams like the element of surprise. It’s that dead silence before the action that gives any scare its zest. And this comes down to timing. You want to build anticipation and cultivate a simmering feeling of dread.

When timing is off-kilter, it can easily mar the whole experience. This means that triggers must go off at exactly the right time. And this comes down to proper programming. But as discussed earlier, it is not the easiest of tasks.

If you want to fine-tune the timing of your prop controllers for a seamless and immersive experience to wow (or petrify) your visitors, get ‘initiated’ into the Horde Control Network. It’s a controller ecosystem that creates a wireless connection—allowing you to program the Horde Prop Controller and Horde Wagon Controllers from any wireless-enabled device.

By implementing the Horde Control Network in your haunt or attraction, you don’t have to worry about:

· Fussing around with complicated code or programs. Making on-the-fly programming in the field is a breeze.

· Laborious work jumping from one prop controller to the next.

· Avoidable overhead and labor costs.

· Dealing with bruises, bumps, cuts, and scares trying to access hard-to-reach props.

Join the Horde today to eliminate the hassle and maximize the returns from your haunt or attraction. Everything you need under one roof.

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