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What is the Horde Control Network?

The Horde Control Network is a controller ecosystem that creates a wireless connection between all Blood Moon Technologies, Horde controllers and devices. With the Horde Control Network and the Horde Controller a scene with multiple prop controllers can be triggered from one controller. Hayrides can now be part of your masterpiece scenes with the Horde Wagon Controller. The Horde Wagon Controller can be triggered right from your existing prop-controller with the Horde Beacon. 

The Horde Control Network makes it possible to program your Horde Controllers from any wireless enabled device.

Why the horde control network?

Have you struggled with multiple run-overs, PIR’s or other triggers within the same area or scene? The Horde Control Network eliminates the need for multiple triggers within your scene. Our controllers can time out and trigger other prop-controllers within your scene.

No need to purchase expensive equipment to program your controllers. Our controllers can be programmed via any wireless enabled device.  Blood Moon Technologies, Horde Control products are connected to the network. With the addition of the Horde Beacon your existing controllers can be added to the Horde Control Network.

All things under the Blood Moon are connected!

Take your attraction or hayride to the next level with the Blood Moon Technologies Horde Control Network! Create your Horde today at






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